A Winner-Team which believes in its goal

Building strong relationships is one of the two simple success factors I mentioned on my homepage. I cannot over-emphasise how significant this factor is.

Whilst project plans, competitor advantage maps and Pareto charts help us make conscious decisions, it is the team who will make it all happen.

My work in this field concentrates on helping leaders to become great leaders and helping groups or individuals who no longer want to perform together to get back on track.

We all grow up in different environments and it is human nature to believe that "my normal" is the only normal. Of course with such diverse backgrounds and personalities this is not the case: we are all driven by different (de-)motivators.

A successful leader will understand how to "make the right kind of space" for each individual in their team and will make these individuals recognise their personal value in the group.

I call this Engagement.

To remove two common myths: nobody wakes up wanting to do a bad job and dream teams are not coincidental; they are created by competent managers.