In the food industry, success is not just down to a matter of taste

My first project in this industry mid 2013 when a hidden champion, family owned business with around 2000 employees invited me to help optimise their production.

The principles of lean, which I learnt in the car industry are surprisingly applicable to food-stuffs production. The challenge however is very different. Consumers are simply spoilt for choice and I respect everyone in this industry who can differentiate themselves through taste and packaging without missing the essential entry criteria of product longevity and legislation.

I pitched against a much larger consultancy house and won.

The owners liked my fresh and real-world experience-based approach and invited me coordinate the transition of around 15 sites throughout Europe.

I was first tasked with building a team of like-minded experienced professionals to train and support internal Core-Teams. This project is still running and it is motivating to see these teams successfully deliver a value-driven transition.