Focus on enhancing life whilst adhering to legislation and not the other way round

The medical industry is dedicated to sustaining and enhancing life. The challenges to adhere to strict legislation can be large if not managed as part of a value-added approach. I respect the medical industry greatly for its high standards, especially relating to low volume products, and am impressed by its current drive to implement the lean solutions Taiichi Ohno first envisaged for a low volume truck manufacturer in the 1950s called Toyota.

During my career I have been involved in the following medical sector projects:

  • Project management system design and implementation to meet the specific company requirements at SMEs and large PLCs
  • Cultural integration of newly acquired medical companies into existing PLC environments
  • Gap analysis projects with clear benefit recommendations
  • Cultural transformations from so called "push" to "lean pull" environments
  • Manufacturing and supplying medical components to various medical and dental instrument OEMs
  • Creating and implementing ISO standard quality systems from scratch in combination with ISO Norm specialists
  • Managing the design, source and manufacture of a blood-pressure unit programme as a totally new department in an established medical device manufacturer